Ana Bê Pereira

Lecturer in Disability Studies

New book chapter


Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies cover

I have a book chapter included in a new exciting collection entitled Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies (edited by Nick Watson, Alan Roulstone, Carol Thomas)- this will be published early next year. The title of the chapter is “Feminism and Disability: A Cartography of Multiplicity”and it focuses on issues of gender and disability by mapping out some of the main debates and contributions brought forth by feminists in the discipline of disability studies. This particular tradition within disability studies is also sometimes refered to simply as “feminist disability studies” and it has been responsable for many important ideas that are central to disability studies. It has also provided an essential place of belonging for anyone interested in both gender and disability, since traditionally women and feminism have been marginalized by some sectors of disability studies while disability remains largely ignored by mainstream feminisms. More information on the book is available here.

A draft version of my chapter is available here.


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