Ana Bê Pereira

Lecturer in Disability Studies

New article in Disability and Society


I have published a new article entitled “Disablism in the lives of people living with a chronic illness in England and Portugal” in the journal Disability and Society. It is available here:


This article is based on research about the daily lives of people living with chronic illnesses in England and Portugal. Through the first-person narratives of participants, I argue that the lives of people living with debilitating chronic illnesses are affected by disablism, discrimination and exclusion. These aspects affect them in several important realms of life such as lack of or poor social support, difficulties in obtaining reasonable adjustments or the inability to obtain any kind of state support at all. These aspects are also widespread and compound and greatly influence their lives, beyond or in addition to the physical experience of the illness itself. I conclude that it is fundamental to change these structural and policy aspects and that people should have access to what I have termed a paradigm of sustained well-being, despite the illness.

Keywords: Disablismchronic illnessdisabilitysustained well-beingPortugalEngland
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