Two pink and white flowersWelcome to my research website. My name is Ana Bê (Pereira) and I am currently a PhD candidate at Lancaster University, in the UK.

My research is located primarily in disability studies and feminist theory, it also draws heavily from critical and cultural studies, sociology and health studies. As such, my work is very interdisciplinary and is concerned primarily with issues of social justice and social change.

In my current PhD research, my focus of inquiry has been the daily experiences of people living with a chronic illness (namely fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis) in England and Portugal. The research has focused mainly in trying to find out the role of ableism in people’s lives (how society and culture influence standards of wellbeing, access and accommodation for people living with chronic illnesses) as well as what kind of lay knowledges and strategies they develop in their daily lives.

To find out more about my current research and academic activities, please visit my Research page.

I can be contacted at ana [at] AnaBeOnline.com